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The City of Peshtigo is ready to be re-discovered.   October 12th marked the opening of the Veterans Memorial Bridge reconnecting both sides of the river.   A formal dedication of the bridge will be Memorial Day of 2013. All businesses, health care facilities and manufacturers are accessible by normal routes at either exit 212 or 216.   Installation of lights on the bridge, streetscaping and completion of the pavilion next to the bridge are ongoing projects.  Peshtigo River levels are back to normal.  Time to shop local and discover what is new with progressive Peshtigo.

A History of Fire- A Future to Inspire.


Peshtigo Chamber Earns $500 Wisconsin Public Service Energy Challange

Peshtigo, WI - Wisconsin Public Service announced the winners of this year’s Energy Challenge. The Peshtigo Chamber, along with fourteen other area non-profit organizations were challenged with energy efficiency and weatherization tasks during October and November. The Chamber was awarded a $500 grant for participating in the challenge.

Organizations were awarded up to $1,000 for completing the challange and the top three organizations that completed the challange tasks while saving the most electricity were awarded an additional $500 grant.

The Peshtigo Chamber volunteers, along with several area non-profit organization participated in WPS’s Energy Challenge by utilizing the WPS Weatherization Kit in their homes.

The WPS Energy Challenge winners are (top 3 listed first): Crivitz Fire Department, Luxemburg-Casco High School Leo's Club, ArtStart Inc, Rhinelander, Green Bay United Hockey, N.E.W. Zero Waste Coalition, Brown County, Rhinelander Area Food Pantry, Rhinelander Soccer Club, Northwoods Community Elementary School Parent Advisory Committee, Rhinelander Basketball Association, Emergency Rescue Squad Inc, Marinette, Marinette-Oconto Rugby Club, Peshtigo Women's Club, Town of Peshtigo Fire Department, Peshtigo Chamber of Commerce, Twin Bridge Waterski Team- Crivitz.

To receive the grant, the Chamber’s volunteer’s goals were to complete challenge tasks, including installation of weatherization kits in home, decrease electric energy use over the 2-month challenge period, sign up for a residential program and track group member’s energy conservation actions. The Chamber was awarded a $500 grant for participating in the challenge.

“Energy Savings is something that when focused on, can be achieved. That is what our chamber members learned through this experience. The Chamber applauds the volunteers that utilized the weatherization kits in their homes to help provide this grant for future community events, “said Pat Roland, Peshtigo Chamber. “Our thanks to Darice Hannon, former Chamber Director and Jenny Short, WPS Community Relations Leader for organizing the Chamber’s involvement in this challenge.”

The two month results showed a cumulative electric savings of 56,460 kilowatt hours. Overall that's a 23% savings across all organizations. These numbers equate to the annual greenhouse gas emissions from 8 passenger vehicles or 14.9 tons of waste sent to the landfill instead of recycled. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has developed an online greenhouse gas equivalence calculator to help translate abstract numbers into easy to understand terms.

As part of the challenge, 150 weatherization kits were installed at WPS residential customer homes and over 150 customers took part in a WPS or Focus on Energy residential energy conservation program.



 Monument Dedication on October 8, 2012

The monument was erected at the edge of the new bridge near the river to honor those individuals who lost their lives from the horrible fire, and to the many veterans who have served the community. Many people sought refuge in the river and were saved from the great forest fire of October 8, 1871 which destroyed the city of Peshtigo and much of the surrounding area. The ceremony was hosted by the Peshtigo Historical Society with various speakers and Peshtigo High School music department.


Located on the Peshtigo River, the surrounding natural beauty and excellence in outdoor recreation of all kinds makes the Peshtigo area a popular travel destination. Known for superb fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, bicycling, and much more, Peshtigo is easy to get to by following Hwy. 41, taking exit 212 or 216.

The Peshtigo Chamber of Commerce welcomes you to continue browsing our Website, and to learn everything you can about our wonderful community.



The name "Peshtigo" is a Native American word from the Chippewa and Menominee tribes that lived in the area. Depending on who you talk to, it might mean "snapping turtle" or "wild goose."

Reborn from the ashes of America's deadliest fire, the city of Peshtigo is proud of its unique name and heritage.


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